Other dieties worshipped in the temple

Sri Ganapathi

To reduce the destructive rays coming from Veerabadra swamy,
Ganapathi temple was built in front of Veerabadra Swamy Temple.
Later in the year 2009, the older Wooden idol was replaced by a
new stone Ganapathi idol.

Veerabhadra Swamy

Veerabadra Swamy is worshiped here as Kshetra rakshaka (one who guards).
Pooja to Veerabadra Swamy is done similar number of times that of
Goddess Sri Brahmi Durga Parameshwari

Hosamma Devaru

Long back Female goddesses Arabhati, Dharbati & Shastara along
with Nandikeshwara came to Kamalashile & requested permission to
stay here and requested to do the Rice Naivaidya to them only once
a year from the new crop harvested. Thus the name Hosamma Devaru.

Mundantaya Devate

It is said that Mundantaya was a magician from kerala who came to
kamalshile to capture divine power of goddess and had to surrender
to divinity of goddess, later he was given a place here to stay and be
worshiped so that he can guard the place.

Shree Subramanya Swamy

The nagaraja here has 5 faces (Panchamukhi naga)
and the Hutta (Ant-Hill) has grown to a height of
10 feet through years.

Sri Eshwar Devaru

Lord shiva is worshiped in this shire and
special Pooja is done on every Monday,
on shiva ratri and during Karthika Maasa.

            Sri Vishnu                           Navagraha                             Sri Anjaneya

In the year 2009, temples were built for these gods at the rear side of the main temple and Mangala-Arathi
is done to these god's along with Goddess Sri Brahmi Durga parameshwari.

Kshetra Pala

This stone like structure in the outer quadrangle towards the
right hand side of the goddess Sri Brahmi Durgaparameshwari.

There is no specific name to this, It is considered as a Kshetra
pala and is believed to be protecting temple premises.

No special Pooja are done to this stone. However, It is custom
that devotees keep a coconut on the stone as mark of respect
& devotion.