Special Festivals

Chandramana Ugadi Festival:
Is celebrated on Chaitra Masa Shudha Padya day by Reading the Panchanga and presenting Purnaphala (Coconut)
to the Goddess Sri Brahmi Durga Parameshwari.

Brahma Ratotsava / Jatre:
During Chaitra maasa - April, flag hoisting marks the starting of the annual fair. The annual Car Festival or
Annual Fair starts 3 days before Chaitra Bhahula Moola Nakshatra day and goes on for 6 days.

One can see the Carvings of Ramayana and Mahabharata stories on the Brahma Ratha.
It has beautiful Idols embossed on it and has 6 wheels.
Special Programs & Poojas are held on all 6 days.
Day 1 – Shibhikayanotsava
Day 2 – Pushpaka Vahanotsava
Day 3 – Simha Vahanotsava
Day 4 – Brahma Ratotsava (Car Festival)
Day 5 – Churnotsava
Day 6 – Kumbha Abhishekam.

It is said that the vehicle of Goddess Sri Brahmi Durgaparameshwari – Tiger goes to the surrounding 7 villages
& roars 7 days announcing to prepare for the annual fair.

Veera Bhadra Vardantotsava:
On Jeshta Shudda Bidige Maha Abhisheka is done to Lord Veera bhadra Swamy wherein Oil Bath is given to the Idol.

Ekadasha Rudra Abhisheka:
This is held during Shravana Maasa and to mark this occasion, Anna Santarpane is done for 1 whole month.

Starting from Ashveeja Maasa, Shudha Padya day till Dashami day, Sharan Navaratri is celebrated.
Special Pooja are performed during all 10 days of Navaratri.

Laksha Deepotsava:
This is a Pooja wherein 1 lakh lamps are lit in front of Goddess and is celebrated on Karthika Bhahula Amavasya.

Thodagu Bali:
Special Pooja is performed to Naga Devate on Vruschika Bhahula panchami.