Sri Brahmi Durga Parameshwari

  According to Skanda Purana of Sahyadri Kanda, a Beautiful lady by name
  Pingala was a court dancer who performed in front of Lord Shiva &
  Goddess Parvathi in Kailash Mountain. One day because of her ego, she
 refused to dance and was cursed by Goddess Parvathi. She lost her beauty
 and was born as ugly women(Kubja) in Bhu-loka.

  Realising her mistake, when Pingala pleaded for mercy, Goddess Parvathi
 told her that She will be coming down to Bhu-Loka to put an end to all the
 evil deeds of Khararatasura and she will be showing up in the form of Linga
 in front of Raikwa Rushi ashram in sahyadri forest and the linga will be in
 the form of Kamalashile.

  Goddess Parvathi told Kubja to go near suparshwa cave and do penance
  till goddess gives her moksha. Later Pleased with Kubja, Goddess Parvathi
  appeared in the form of Kamalashile (linga) at the Sangam of River Kubja
  & Naga theertha in front of Raikwa Rushi ashram. Kubja was told to go to
  Mathura and wait for Sri Krishna and she would get relieved of her curse by
  the touch of Lord Sri Krishna.

  Goddess also told her that the river which originates from sahya forest
  & flows towards western coast to be named after her (Kubja) and the river
  to flood every year to clean the Linga.

It is said that Kamalashile (Goddess Sri Brahmi Durga Parameshwari) Linga appeared
at the same time when the world was created.
Initially the Kamalashile (Linga) was worshiped as Brahma Lingeshwara, Later people
got to know that it was actually Sri Brahmi Durga parameshwari.


Supashwa cave

In Krutha Yuga, when King Suparshwa was searching for a suitable place
to do penance & get moksha, He came across this cave & found it suitable.
This was the reason to name this cave after king suparsha.

King Suparsha prays lord Shiva to bless him to do penance without any
hurdles. Lord Shiva appoints one of his ganas Bhairava to permanently stay
at the entrance of the cave to make sure that king’s penance is not disturbed.

It is also said that lot of Rishi’s and Maharajas have come to this cave to do
penance and one among them is Sri Sridhara Swamiji of Varadapura.

This is about 2 kms from the temple on Halli Holle road.

At the entrance of the cave, Bhairava swamy idol is worshiped.

A liitle down in the cave towards left are the 3 separate lingas:–
it is also called tri-shakti linga – kali, Lakshmi, Saraswathi.

Further down towards right is the place where King Suparshwa,
Adi-Shesha & Sri Sridhara Swamy did penance for months & years.

A little down into the cave, one can see the birth place of Naga Theertha,
which flows between rocks and joins the river Kubja near Kamalashile temple.


Next further inside is the Naga Sannidi. Here there is a high dome where one can see hundreds of bats settled.

It is said that long back, fearing death from Garuda, Adishesha came to Goddess Brahmi Durga parameshwari seeking mukthi from the curse he had, Goddess told Adishesha that the only way to avoid death for him to become bed for lord Vishu & requested all other nagas to come and hide in suparsha cave so that goddess can save them from garuda.

A tiger comes near suparshwa cave to rest & it is a custom to light up the fire place in front of the cave for the tiger to keep itself warm.

To visit Suparsha cave, do take assistance from one of the temple staff and carry a torch without fail.

Bhairava Swamy along with Nandi                                                        Tri – Shakti.


Naga Sannidhi                                                       Hundreds of bats –inside the cave .